Sir Guy

Sir Guy is a proud Brooklyn native who has been out in the New York kink scene for well over a decade. He lives in a 24/7 power exchange relationship with his slave, harley. He identifies as a poly Daddy and Master. In addition to being a uniform enthusiast, he is a former New York City police officer and New York State certified Emergency Medical Technician who has participated in rescue efforts at Ground Zero and at Hurricane Katrina. With a lifelong dedication to serving and helping others, Sir Guy volunteers his time to supporting and educating those in the BDSM community, particularly other kinky People of Color.

He is an Emeritus Board Member of The Eulenspiegel Society (TES), Assistant Director of MAsT Metro New York, and an Associate Member of ONYX NY/Northeast. Sir Guy is one of the International Power Exchange 2013 winners. He has presented for over 30 organizations or events across the U.S. and in Canada and was honored to deliver the keynote address at Beyond Leather in 2014, the Our Traditions Live speech at Master/slave Conference 2015, and the keynote address at SouthEast Leather Fest in 2017. He recently had the privilege of writing a chapter on the history of People of Color in consensual Master/slave relationships for the book Our Lives, Our History: Consensual Master/slave Relationships from Ancient Times to the 21st Century.



“Wish” Linda Fisher is an open-sexual leather femme who is ever grateful to have found her people in the kink/leather/fetish community. She has been an active social justice advocate for many years across communities/causes. She has also volunteered for and been invited to support in many capacities for events and in the community, highlights of which include having served as Ms. San Diego Leather 2012, founding  the local Leather Cares Coalition and working with the national Leather Heart Foundation for a number of years supporting community members in need. She has been honored with a number of recognitions accepting on behalf of others for shared accomplishments. Wish finds the power of deep intense connection, hot leather-sexuality, and emotional/spiritual aspects of play most fulfilling and finds love time and time again in play that ranges from the achingly tender to the most brutal.   She also thinks it’s super weird to write in the third person. Thank you to the Leather Heat Producers for this opportunity – can’t wait to see everyone!


Master Skip & slave rick

Skip Chasey, a/k/a Master Skip, addressed a crowd of nearly one million people at the Millennium March on Washington, and since then he has given more than a dozen keynote addresses and presented over 250 programs on the spiritual dynamics of BDSM at noteworthy leather events throughout North America.  He has been profiled in magazine, Power Exchange magazine, the award-winning documentary film Pup, and Ask the Man Who Owns him, slave david stein’s book on gay male Master/slave relationships that received the National Leather Association’s 2010 non-fiction literary award.

Master Skip is a co-founder of People of Leather Among You (a social and educational group for Southern California men and women interested in the integration of spirituality and leather/fetish sexuality), served as a core instructor for the Butchmanns Experience (a periodic weekend retreat offering opportunities for profound personal growth to leathermen and women of all sexual orientations and identities) and for seven years was a co-producer of Southwest Leather Conference (“The Leather Family Gathering of Heart and Spirit”).  Honors include the Leadership Award and the Lee Montague Memorial Community Service Award from Avatar Club Los Angeles, the Pantheon of Leather Community Choice Award, both the Master Heart Award and the Master Jack McGeorge Excellence in Education Award from the Master/slave Conference, and the Leatherman’s Heart Award from SWLC.  Most recently Master Skip and his slave Rick were honored to receive the 2017 Guy Baldwin Master/slave Heritage Award from the M/sC.

In his own words, “Blood may be thicker than water, but leather is thicker than blood.”


slave Rick has offered keynote addresses and presented programs on the spiritual dynamics of M/s and D/s relationships at conferences and events throughout North America for over 16 years.

Community honors include the Southwest Leather Conference “Leatherman’s Heart Award”, the Master/slave Conference “slave Heart Award” and the Master/slave Conference 2017 Guy Baldwin Heritage Award which was awarded to Master Skip and slave Rick.


slave Rick recently published a new book entitled “Jolted Awake: An Unconventional Memoir” which is available on both and In it, he presents his personal journey of an M/s relationship as a valid path toward Self-realization.  he has been told it is a must read for all Masters and slaves.  he hopes it may help lift the stigma often attached to various alternative lifestyles.

slave Rick is currently a licensed kink aware psychotherapist in Los Angeles, CA (

First and foremost, however, he is by Grace in service to his beloved Master.



Pup Tim & Zero

Pup Tim is 2002 International Puppy, and queer founder of Southwest Leather Conference’s Tribal Revival.  Puppy Play, Mummification, and the like are some of his favorite presentations to offer, while he also enjoys many of the SM arts.

Recently, he was judge in the International Puppy Contest, LA Pup Contest, Mr LA Eagle, and others. Focus of the Spiritual Sexual identity documentary, “PUP” alongside Master Skip.  Ordained into MCC in 2008 and active in the Los Angeles BDSM Leather Community since 1992.  He is an active bondage enthusiast and proudly has a husband, a boy, and a Sir as his family.  He belongs to Master Skip.

 Master Dennis & slave Bonnie

Southwest Master and slave 2017 |  Arizona Master and slave 2016

Master Dennis and Ms. Bonnie met through the internet while he lived in San Diego and she lived in Phoenix. Master Dennis collared Ms. Bonnie over 20 years ago and in, 2002, they  were married.

Together Master Dennis and Ms. Bonnie have an extensive extended family, the Dragon Clan, a large national family of those that hold a heart of service. The Dragon Clan credo is “Leather, Family, Service, and Spirit!” The Dragon Clan strives to assist, educate and serve their communities.

Master Dennis and Ms. Bonnie are very active in their local community and their local club, Arizona Power Exchange, Butchmanns Experience and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, spreading joy and education within the LGBTQ community. They have presented educational topics at APEX, Desert Dominion, Southwest Leather Conference, Sin in the City, BCD, Mensa and many more, both nationally and internationally. Also, for the last 15 years, they spend time at local colleges with human sexuality, sociology and psychology classes to demystify who and what BDSM, Leather and Master/slave really are.

They both believe strongly in sharing the truths of their M/s lifestyle to others that are just learning or already on their paths. They model who and what they are in M/s and BDSM and desire to share that though the path can be rocky at times – it is possible with work to succeed. Their philosophy is that everyone is unique and there is no “ONE TRUE WAY” to do things; there is being safe as possible, consensual with all actions, and being mindful in one’s intent. They are looking forward to learning more and sharing with others as they progress on their journey!


 Naria Jordan

Naria Lei B. Jordan is Southern California Leather Woman (SCLW) 2013, and Ms. San Diego Leather 2002. She is a longtime Radical Sex Perv Poly Daddy who has been involved in the Queer BDSM Community for 32 years as a practitioner, organizer, activist, and educator in the Kinky Arts. She co-founded two Women’s-only leather groups in Washington, DC–Lesborados and S/Mazons. She was a co-founder, editor, and writer for the collectively published “Black Leather…In Color” and was the facilitator of the Women’s BDSM Rap in San Diego from 2007-2014. She was also the Co-facilitator for the Women’s BDSM Forum in the Modesto/Central Valley area from 2004-2006. A writer, national speaker and presenter, photographer, and fancier of Fine Fierce Femme Women, Naria is a relentless sex educator, a misunderstood yet flaming Pisces, a true Water Tiger, and always enjoys pushing the envelope–as often as possible! She resides in San Diego with her wife, Bikkja Amy, 4 cats and 2 dogs, and a household of assorted pervs.


 Amy Jordan

Bikkja Amy has been creating mischief in the San Diego and Central Valley Leather Communities for the last 17 years. True to her Capricorn nature, she jumped right into her career as a Kinky Woman when she first moved to San Diego in 2000, by becoming a member and board member of Leather and Sisterhood (L.A.S.H.) She then became Knight of Leather 2002. She facilitated the San Diego Women’s Leather Rap group and co-founded the Modesto Women’s BDSM Forum in 2004-06.She became Southern California Leather Woman (SCLW) in 2006 and sat on the board until the title retired in 2015. Since 2007, she has been on The Leather Realm committee at San Diego Gay Pride and the Contestant Coordinator for IMsL. She has the honor of being Mama’s Bikkja. As a player, she is a true Switch who is particularly fond of blood. She resides in San Diego with her wife, Naria, 4 cats and 4 dogs, and a household of assorted pervs.


Girl Complex  IMsL2017

Girl Complex is the current International Ms. Leather 2017.  A self described proud black feminist and womanist.  Growing up in San Diego, Girl Complex had to dissect racial relations all while riding a skateboard and boogie boarding.  She spent some time trying to understand why her friends had messed up views of black people when they knew her (she blames white supremacy).  A product of her environment, Girl Complex has been able to define what it means to be a black, kinky girl on her own terms.  Crafting her ideas of blackness from rap videos and television, she is the perfect mix of fun and “What you’re not going to do is”.  Her trigger words are “divisive” and “Well, Actually”  You can catch her sunbathing and listening to Yacht Rock, or watching anime  in Oakland, CA, or you can lowkey stalk her instagram @Girl_Complex, Twitter @YourGirlComplex and Facebook Aisia Jones


Mistress Mea Mayhem

Mistress Mea Mayhem has worked as a legal professional for just shy of two decades. She has assisted in working up cases on a trial team of upwards of 200 trials in California. Mea has been involved in the Greater Los Angeles Leather/Kink community for since 2009. In 2010 she became a Professional Dominatrix, working independently. In 2016 she began working at Sanctuary Studios LAX. Since her inception into the BDSM/Leather/Kink community continues to learn explore and grow.

 Master George & slave bren

Master George has been aware of the Leather/BDSM lifestyle since the late 1970s in New York and actively involved in the Los Angeles community for the past 20 years. He identifies as a Leather Master and is committed to promoting the healthy, kinky, and consensual authority exchange dynamic that defines Master/slave relationships both in the local Los Angeles community as well as nationally.

Master George served as the Threshold Society Coordinator a pan-sexual dungeon and community center in Los Angeles California from 2009/2012 He was a board member for the Los Angeles Leather Coalition 2012/2013 as well as the Leather heart foundation (present) He is founder of the Los Angeles Brothers in Dominance (LABiD) a group that supports Male Dominants in the LA area since 2003 til present.  Master George is founder of MAsT North Hollywood and patriarch of his leather family.  Master George was chosen the Southland Honors 2012 Man of the year for his dedication to his local leather community in Los Angeles, and was honored to be asked to lecture at the Gathering of Tribes in Dallas Texas hosted by the Council of Tribes in August 2012, and was given his cover by Master David Walker in Dallas in March of 2014.  He has judged local, regional, and international leather contests.  Along with his slave he travels around the nation presenting classes on the Master/slave dynamic, Master George is the Executive Producer of the Southern California Master/slave Contest and the Leather H.E.A.T. Conference in the Los Angeles, CA.

slave bren first discovered the lifestyle back in Windsor, Canada in 1998. She moved to Los Angeles, California to be under the care and guidance of Master George in 2003

She is first a dedicated slave in service to Master George. The Southern California Leather Women 2015, SW Leather slave 2011, The Threshold Society Coordinator Emeritus, from 2012-2013 the first female slave to ever hold this position in its 33rd year. She is the humble founder of the Los Angeles sisters in submission (LAsis), Founder of the Los Angeles girls of Leather chapter. She host a yearly national auction to benefit an organization nationally in our Leather community and to date she has raised over $25,000.00. She serves as the PR Coordinator for Women International Leather Legacy Conference was the Southwest Leather M/s Contest Coordinator 2013. slave bren is an owner and executive producer of Leather H.E.A.T a weekend conference held in Los Angeles. She has judged local, numerous regional, and international leather contests. Along with her Master she travels around the nation presenting classes on the Master/slave dynamic, slave bren has been awarded the Southland Honors Chairman’s award 2012 for her service to her local leather community. Southwest Leather Conference Volunteer of the Year Award in January 2013.


 Master Orpheus & slave Indigo

Orpheus Black, Southern California’s 2014 and 2015 Leather Master titleholder has been in a M/s relationship with his wife and slave indigo black for 20 years. He is also a published author and erotic educator, specializing in hierarchical dynamics, non-monogamous relationships, and Akashic Meditation.

Slave indigo is co-titleholder of the Southern California Master/slave 2015 patch with Orpheus, for an unprecedented second title year. Last year, they won the title for the 2014 patch, and were honored by the contest owners to represent the title again after the 2015 title was left open.  Both are the 2016-2017 Southwest Leather Conference Master/slave titleholders.


 Mark Frazier

Mark Frazier has been involved in the Leather and Kink Lifestyle for almost 30 years and has a huge passion for teaching and sharing community history.  Mark has had the privilege of owning several leather and gay nightclubs and had also served as a Leather Titleholder.  He has held board positions and memberships on numerous, prominent local, regional and International organizations.

Through the years Mark has been honored with many local, regional, international and lifetime achievement awards and accolades.


 Mama Vi

Mama Vi Johnson  is an American leatherwoman, activist, author and archivist who embarked on her journey in the leather and BDSM scenes in the early 1970s. A strong advocate for the necessity of preserving leather/fetish/erotic history, Johnson speaks and writes on the broad spectrum of issues that concern her and her community.

Mama Vi has served as a board member of the Leather Archives and Museum; NLA-I; and Pantheon of Leather, and as an officer of The Toolbox Technicians; T.U.L.S.A., and Leather and Lace.

She has given the keynote address and/or presented at numerous events in the United States and Canada, including (but not limited to) Leather Leadership Conferences; Boys Training Camps; Beyond Vanilla; Beyond Leather; Black Beat; JustUs – Women and Kink; Master/slave Conference; Thunder in the MountainsDressing For PleasureBlack RoseMasters and slaves TogetherLiving in Leather, National Leather Association International; Lesbian Sex Mafia; WULF; Menamore LLC; and New York Women of Color.

Her keynote address at Beyond Vanilla, presented in Dallas in 2007, resulted in the formation of the short lived and now defunct, an organization dedicated to increasing the visibility and political clout of sexual minorities, and encouraging those minorities to vote.

Johnson has served as head judge or judge for Ms. World Leather, and many other contests across North America. She has also given academic lectures at Newark State College (now Kean University), Orange Coast College, Bard College, Bryn Mawr College, Barnard College, and Oklahoma State University. As an archivist,and past board member of The Leather Archives and Museum, Johnson has amassed a collection of more than 9,000 pieces of erotic fiction, non-fiction, periodicals, club histories, ephemera and travels with the Carter/Johnson Collection to events across the country. She currently lives in the Northeastern United States.



 Master Anthony & slave Robin

When Master Anthony began his current journey of self exploration, he did not suspect it would lead in the direction it did. Entering the Los Angeles kink community, he quickly blossomed and found many others with interests and drives similar to his own. A natural dominant in nearly every aspect of his professional and personal life, he nonetheless had never asserted himself in his closest personal relationships having learned from society at large that doing so was somehow inappropriate. These myths and mis-teachings quickly dissolved in the face of clear evidence to the contrary.

As a professional educator and public speaker, Anthony is very comfortable with defining and targeting a lesson to an audience, tailoring it moment by moment, and delivering it in a light, interactive manner. His personable and approachable manner make him a favorite of his students and audiences. His knowledge and skill with public speaking, whether it be a well planned presentation or an impromptu speech, is well known.

His naturally gregarious, friendly, and inviting nature has made his Sherman Oaks Munch a popular destination for people coming new to the community. He is known as welcoming, accommodating, and a good source for information both within the Los Angeles community and the online FetLife community. He is a regular and welcome contributor to numerous FetLife discussion groups and an impromptu greeter as well. In the real world community, his advice and even mentorship is regularly sought out and solicited, something with which he responds with not a small amount of embarrassment being so new (in his mind) to the community.

The journey that slave Robin has taken over the last five years has been both that of teaching and of learning. She was so sheltered and reserved but she had a huge desire to be freed from her inner captor.  Robin originally started her journey to gain an understanding of her desires and drives to join the kink community, as well as the many integral details that make up this lifestyle. She immersed herself in many community classes and group discussions, and co-hosts one of the largest munches in Los Angeles, the Sherman Oaks Munch. In doing so she has taken it upon herself to help and mentor many of the communities “newbies” to make their lifestyle experience the best that it can be. She has an uncanny way of making others around her feel loved and appreciated by being so approachable.

Robin has spent a life time being active in her community. She has provided community service for a multitude of organizations such as Standup to Cancer, Habitat for Humanity, The Beauty Within, Prison Ministries, Appreciate our Firefighters, Inland County Regional Center and so on, and now desires to become even more active in this, her newest, community.


Sir Brian

Sir Brian has had an interest in BDSM his entire life and has been active within the San Diego community for over a decade. He is a contributing member of several local clubs, co-leader of the San Diego DS Discussion Group (SDDS) and is a founding member of the Southern California Power Exchange. He has overseen the set up of dungeons for several clubs in the local area and is currently San Diego TNG’s designated feng shui guru. While Sir Brian often chooses to be active behind the scenes in the community, he feels an obligation and has a love for passing on his knowledge as part of his leather path while continuing to pursue the light within.