Darryl Flick -- Emcee Extraordinaire

Darryl was born and raised on the east coast, and has been around the block more than anyone is willing to admit. It was in Richmond, VA, in the early 90s, back when he still had hair that he became actively involved in the Leather/SM community.

Darryl held the title of Mr. SouthEast Leather from 1993 to 1995 and then went on to produce the contest for two years. During that time, he also developed the Southeast Titleholders Conference,  aka Sashfest, and the Bal de Sade. Times changed, and Darryl found himself heeding the call to  “Go West.”

During the twelve years that he lived in San Francisco, Darryl was the first Executive Director of Folsom Street Events, producing both the Up Your Alley and Folsom Street Fairs. During that time, he also helped develop Folsom North and Folsom Europe. Active in various non-profit and social projects throughout California and the US, he still maintains connections to a variety of events and causes. Darryl has also been a co-producer, judge and emcee of IMsL. After a recent detour back through Virginia, he now divides his time between Palm Springs and Studio City, CA.

Darryl has been nominated twice for Pantheon Man of the Year and received two regional Pantheon awards for his work on both sides of the US. Among other distinctions, he has been a first runner up in the American Leatherman competition,  on the cover of The Leather Journal, an honorary member of the Richmond Leather Club, co-founder of TBLC in Richmond, a recipient of the Eagle Award from the Tarheel Leather club, an interior decorator of Playhouse prior to it’s opening, and in 2013 recipient of the SouthEast Leatherfest Community Award.