[image_with_text]Nina Hartley is a pioneering feminist sex  worker, using her body in the service of promoting a sexually sane and literate society. She’s the author of, “Nina Hartley’s Guide to Total Sex,” from Avery Press. Putting to use her B.S. degree in nursing, she and her husband, Ernest Greene, have produced the million-selling sex-ed video series collectively known as “The Nina Hartley Guides,” from Adam & Eve, currently in its 38th episode.



To quote Dr. Carol Queen, “Assholes are very democratic orifices. Everybody has one!” So, let’s make friends with ours, shall we? As Ernest Greene likes to say, “You’re no one’s Master/Mistress until you’ve had their ass and you’re no one’s slave/submissive until you’ve given it.”

This class is for the rank beginner, the person(s) thinking, “I’d/We’d like to give it a try but have no clue where to begin.” All role structures/dynamics/gender identities are welcome. If I can make the transition from interested anal virgin to being a greedy anal slut, anyone can! Topics covered will include:

1. The tension between our desires and our cultural baggage regarding anal pleasure.

2. Basic anal anatomy and landmarks as well as why some people just can’t go there.

3. Psychological/social inhibitors to experiencing anal pleasure.

4. Tried and true techniques to make friends with your butt, both solo and parter-assisted.

5. Proper tools needed for the job.

6. Basic butt pluggery.

7. Effective ways to bring up the topic.

8. Power dynamics in anal play.

9. Any questions from the audience happily addressed.


Cunnilingus/Hand Sex for Vulvas .’A happy pussy is a generous pussy.’ That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. People are more easily enslaved by pleasure than pain (thank you, Ernest Greene, for that insight!) and since I can’t do all the ladies all of the time I need an army of well-trained vulva-pleasers to spread both the joy and the legs. This will be a fun, fast-paced class, covering basics such as anatomy/physiology, as well as tried-and-true techniques that will get her attention, and fast.

Topics covered:

1. Anatomy of the vulva and vagina, plus surrounding landmarks.

2. Social/psychological inhibitions to giving/receiving pleasure.

3. Body Mechanics: making physics work for you.

4. How to get your ego out of the way.

5. The basics of using hand-held toys.

Damon Pierce (and Zooey Zara) is an internationally recognized Bondage Rigger, Director, Producer, Rope Artist, Master/Dominant/Owner, BDSM Educator, Rope Maker, and the Trainer of SlavetoBondage.com.

Damon is a body piercer with over 11 years professional experience. He continues to pierce for performances and private collaborations with people such as Joey Strange, Guinness Book of World Records, National Geographic, CoRE,AMF, Matt Zane / Society 1 and Embrace Chaos.  Actively involved in the BDSM community, Damon is a Proud member of the Society of Monarchs and Cirque De Sade. He is a BDSM educator and presenter teaching on topics ranging from Architectural Dynamics of Bondage to Advanced Hook Suspension Seminars to SM Education for all levels.

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Zooey Zara is the Deviant and delightful partner of Damon Pierce. She is a bondage & fetish model, professional switch, and videographer of SlaveToBondage.com. Zooey has been avidly and adventurously exploring the BDSM & Bondage community, and has co-taught at events such as BoundCon, VenusFair, FetishCon, Stockroom University, Sanctuary LAX, DomCon LA, Threshold, and Monarchs Present TABOO. Some of her favorite presenters to co-teach or demo bottom for are Midori and Damon Pierce. Zooey’s work has also appeared in PUMP Magazine, where her modeling, art direction, and styling were featured in their Avant Garde Issue. She is based in Downtown Los Angeles, where she has just finished a graduate degree, and hopes to continue on her kinky path.



Why have an alternative? We’ve all enjoyed many of the tried and true classic bondage positions that are beautiful and sexy, but what happens when these positions work against body mechanics or are just plain impractical? We discuss and encourage active participation in learning new arm positions that you and your partner can enjoy. Please bring your rope and a somewhat willing participant.


Typing up a naked body is always hot, we already know this. But what if being naked isn’t the end goal? What if it’s how you look getting there? Maybe she’s a secretary you’ve captured in your office or a superhero in your lair? We will demonstrate and discuss what things to keep in mind when tying over clothes and why.

Sharazad is a bisexual leatherfemme and lifestyle switch who is honored to hold the titles of International Person of Leather 2016 and Ms. Leather Toronto 2016. Originally from Montreal, Shahrazad has been an established Professional Domina in the Toronto scene for over thirteen years and is currently the owner and Headmistress of The Ritual Chamber dungeon in Toronto. Her 12+ year apprenticeship to a matriarchal shamanic spiritual path strongly influences her teaching style as a kink educator and can be seen in her love of teaching about the personal growth potential within BDSM, with an emphasis on the psychology and spirituality of power exchange. She has been a featured presenter at such events as Toronto Bound, Unholy Harvest, Queering Power, Montreal Fusion Weekend, and The Everything to Do with Sex Show, and at such venues as Purple Passion (NYC), Good For Her (Toronto), Oasis Aqualounge (Toronto), and the Risley and Spankington BDSM Club (Budapest).



This workshop will use brain science shamanic principles to explore and more deeply understand the mysterious altered states of awareness that both top and bottom can shift into during BDSM scenes. We will learn techniques that can induce such states, what to do if they happen spontaneously, how to navigate them and what to take into account when providing aftercare. No previous experience with topspace/subspace is necessary, though participants’ subjective experiences will be honoured and woven into the discussion.


Interested in the more esoteric and spiritual side of kink? This unique workshop will explore the four elements as they exist within us, as well as the elemental correspondences of different kinds of leather/fetish/SM play. Learn how to harness the water, earth, air, or fire within a scene with intention to create opportunities for deep personal transformation and healing.

Mark Frazier has been involved in the Leather and Kink Lifestyle for almost 30 years and has a huge passion for teaching and sharing community history.  Mark has had the privilege of owning several leather and gay nightclubs and had also served as a Leather Titleholder.  He has held board positions and memberships on numerous, prominent local, regional and International organizations.

Through the years Mark has been honored with many local, regional, international and lifetime achievement awards and accolades.

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ANAL FISTING: Flagging red hankies? Enjoy being Lamb Chop or Sherri Lewis or a hand puppet? Anal fisting is involves inserting a hand into the rectum of yourself of your partner. The workshop will cover different methods, relaxation techniques, lubricants, safety, “stretching” and other topics.

Bikkja Amy has been creating mischief in the San Diego and Central Valley Leather Communities for the last 17 years. True to her Capricorn nature, she jumped right into her career as a Kinky Woman when she first moved to San Diego in 2000, by becoming a member and board member of Leather and Sisterhood (L.A.S.H.) She then became Knight of Leather 2002. She facilitated the San Diego Women’s Leather Rap group and co-founded the Modesto Women’s BDSM Forum in 2004-06.She became Southern California Leather Woman (SCLW) in 2006 and sat on the board until the title retired in 2015. Since 2007, she has been on The Leather Realm committee at San Diego Gay Pride and the Contestant Coordinator for IMsL. She has the honor of being Mama’s Bikkja. As a player, she is a true Switch who is particularly fond of blood. She resides in San Diego with her wife, Naria, 4 cats and 4 dogs, and a household of assorted pervs.

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Cell popping, also known as pin or micro branding, is a delicious and beautiful form of body modification that is truly white hot sexy fun! Cell popping can be highly artistic, beautiful, deliberate, and just all kinds of sexy fun whether it is done from a Top or bottom prospective. Different methods of this type of branding will be discussed and demonstrated….and seriously, be prepared to have sizzling good time!

Teagan is a Bootblack based out of Oakland, CA. She is the current Southwest Leather Bootblack 2017.  As a child before church, she shined a pair of shoes and it was under her father’s watchful eye. These days her skills are being put to more salacious uses. Upon joining the Leather community and discovering that taking care of leather could be about more than just basic maintenance, she began exploring the eroticism surrounding leather care. In 2013, she began to hone her craft starting with caring for the leathers of her close friends and lovers. In 2015, she decided to undertake more formal skills training. Once she was working on her own, she began to develop an identity as a spiritual bootblack. She views herself as a healer. Mixing sage oil in with some of her products she seeks to purify both the leather and its owner during their time in her stand. She enjoys serving her community as a skilled bootblack, organizer and volunteer. She’s worked at major events including International Ms Leather, Leather HEAT, Dore Alley, and The Folsom Street Fair. She’s also worked as a coordinator for bootblacks at ‘The Playground’ at Folsom Street Fair and Dark Odyssey: Surrender. In 2016, she had the honor of being appointed the title of Southern California Bootblack 2016.



Leather protects us. Both emotionally and physically. Leather is our armor. Join this class which is part lecture and part facilitated discussion by Teagan about the history of political activism in the leather community as well what we can do as a community to make a difference during the dark times ahead. The personal is political once again as our lives and our desires are politicized. As we look ahead toward uncertain times, we will resource share about what we are doing to #resist. Let’s take lessons our history. It was leather women who showed up to take care of gay men dying of AIDS. Whether it’s marching in the streets, fundraising for valuable non-profits, or providing support at home your voice and presence is needed in the resistance.

Orpheus and slave Indigo Orpheus Black is a published author and erotic educator specializing in Meditative Bondage, non-monogamous relationships and fostering deep spiritual connections between partners. This two-time Bawdy Storytelling champion has been traveling the country teaching his fun and lighthearted educational events for more than a decade. Indigo Black, wife and property of Sir Orpheus Black, has been not only a sub and slave to Orpheus, but also his lifelong companion and inspiration. This Bawdy Storytelling and Grand Slam Bawdy Storytelling champion started her journey into BDSM and the fetish lifestyle when she volunteered to be Orpheus’ bottom and submissive in early 2000. Like Orpheus, Indigo got her start co- hosting the Severe Society radio show. Soon after that, Orpheus and indigo began their dark journey onto the fetish stages, performing at countless Hollywood hotspots such as the Viper Room, Club Blue, the Music Box, and Dragonfly,to name just a few. Over the past seventeen-plus years, indigo has blossomed from being a sub and slave, evolving into an outstanding fetish model, leather craftswoman, educator, and advocate. She is always on hand to help Orpheus when he presents at DomConLA and assists Orpheus as his demo bottom for lifestyle classes. In her personal time outside of the scene, indigo is a wife, mother, poly partner, and friend. She has become an accomplished ATS belly dancer, performing with the renowned student troupe “Crescent Rose Tribal”.

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indigo Black is the slave of Master Orpheus Black she is also a Bawdy Storytelling and Grand Slam Bawdy Storytelling champion. She started her  journey into BDSM and the fetish lifestyle when she volunteered to be Orpheus’ bottom and submissive in early 2000.  Indigo got her start co- hosting the Severe Society radio show. Soon after that, Orpheus and indigo began their dark journey onto the fetish stages, performing at countless Hollywood hot spots such as the Viper Room, Club Blue, the Music Box, and Dragonfly,to name just a few. indigo is 2016 Southwest slave, 2015 & 2014 Southern California slave.



The Erotic Art of slave training is a unique class that delves deep into not only the concept of slave training but the mental, emotional physical expressions of slave training and service.


Ms Rhonda & tomo Ms Rhonda is the Owner and Master of tomo and they are proud to be International Master and slave 2016 and Northwest Master and slave 2015. Members of the Leather Community for a combined total of nearly 50 years, Ms Rhonda and tomo have each presented classes and served as judges at local and national events and were producers of International Ms Leather / International Ms Bootblack Contest Weekend. They are members of MAsT: Sacramento, MAsT: San Francisco, and The Exiles. Each proud to be a member of Mama’s family, Ms Rhonda is Mama’s Femme Master and tomo is Mama’s Samurai.

Ms Rhonda is Secretary of the MAsT International Board of Directors and Co-Director of MAsT: Sacramento. She is the founder of KinkED Productions, which provides educational events for the Northern California leather and M/s communities.  HERstory Panel Member

tomo has been teaching Japanese Martial Arts for over 30 years and as a slave, has been deeply affected by this culture. Her leather roots are in the New York and South Texas communities where she was a founding member of the Dyke Uniform Corps. tomo was awarded the 2013 Pantheon of Leather President’s Award.  HERstory Panel Member



Many of us in the Leather, Kink, BDSM, Master slave communities participate in relationships with more than one person. While having multiple partners in your life can bring joy and fulfillment, the path canal so be tricky to navigate at times. Ms Rhonda and tomo will share their thoughts and experience as we examine the joys of multiple partners as well as what the challenges may be during this moderated participatory discussion. We will discuss making the choice to have multiple partners, different types and definitions of poly, essentials for success, and common challenges and solutions.

 Sandy Reinhardt (Mama): Activist, mentor and member of the Leather community for over 30 years, Sandy Reinhardt (Mama) she has judged countless local, regional and international contests from every walk of the community. Her many accolades and awards include San Francisco Pride Grand Marshal, The Harvey Milk Award, and Pantheon’s Woman of the Year 2006 and 2010.

Mama is respected and revered for her ability to motivate her international Family with her philosophies that include “Ask yourself what can I do to make a difference, and then do it from the heart”.

Mama’s has over 2,000 family members in the USA~France~Germany~Costa Rica~China, Alaska~ Italy~Canada etc., many who are titleholders.

A tireless community fundraiser, “Mama” has raised money and awareness for such notable causes as her annual Breast Cancer Emergency Dinner’s, the Leather Walk for The Aids Emergency Fund & Breast Cancer, and her toy drives for Camp Sunburst Kid’s living with HIV-AIDS. It is estimated that through individual fundraising efforts and volunteering, Mama’s Family has raised over 5 million dollars  both locally and internationally, since its beginning.

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Karen Yew has been involved with the leather community since 1996 and was Ms. San Diego Leather 2004. She has supported Club X and the Bootblack Brigade, and also is an associate member of the Boiys in Leather Service Rose City. She is affectionately known as Mama’s Community Outreach, she is a strong power switch.



Come out and share it.

The goal of this workshop is to have a dialogue around Consent and what it means. This will be a facilitated discussion on the topic of consent not only in sexual play but non-sexual Kink/Leather/Fetish/BDSM play. We will discuss questions such as how do we define Consent in leather/kink/fetish/BDSM communities, what are the limits of using the concept of consent, what can we consent to, when can we give consent, are there limits on who can give consent based on age, mental ability, health, etc., and what are differences between consensual BDSM and domestic violence or abuse? We will try to create as safe a space as possible to have open discussions. Please come ready to respect each other’s perspectives and experiences.  

HERStory Panel Moderator

Sir Gareth and slave toi:  Sir Gareth is the Director of MAsT-Fort Collins and slave toi is the secretary. Sir Gareth was the 2014/2015 Regional Rep for the Southwest Region for MAsT- International. Slave toi is a member of the Denver girls Of Leather. They have both served on the board of directors for The Colorado LeatherFest. They are also members of MAsT-Metro Denver, MAsT – International and a number of clubs in Colorado and California.  In 2015 they founded the non-profit organization, “Reclaiming Our Leather History”, dedicated to recovering, restoring and re-homing Leather items throughout the US and Canada.

Sir Gareth and slave toi are honored to be the Southwest Master and slave 2015 and the Colorado Master and slave 2014.


MISSION: To locate, reclaim and re-home Leather Community Historical items from around the United States and other Countries. To collect, compile, transcribe and preserve Leather stories and traditions.

It is our vision to find Leather Memorabilia that has been misplaced, stolen, put up for sale or auction; to then purchase these items and return them to their rightful homes where they can be appreciated through our community clubs, contests, libraries and museums. To collect, compile, transcribe and preserve Leather stories and traditions.

What you can do to help: Look for those auctions and estate sales! Let us know when you see Leather items that have been put up for sale or auction. You can notify us or you can purchase the item and donate it to the foundation or you can also help by assisting with funds for the foundation to make the purchases. We’ll also need local contacts to help us to identify the story behind the items, rightful owner or best possible fit for donation and custody transfer of the items purchased by the foundation.

In this class we will discuss the mission and the goals for the future! We want to hear your ideas, so please join us for this important project discussion!  ( Note: We will have a surprise Leather Story Teller or two! )

Brigette is a very naughty Leather Dyke, retired Professional Dominant, Sex Educator and a past member of the Seattle Kink Community. She is Southern California Leather Woman 2014. She has contributed to a variety of events and organizations such as Seattle Women of Leather, Wicked Womyn, and The CSPC and has taught numerous BDSM workshops at the Long Beach LGBT Center, Desire and San Diego Pride. Her favorite workshops have to do with blood, electricity and people’s bits. When not teaching people how to improve their kinky sex lives, you can find her on her motorcycle exploring the California countryside.



Presenting a stimulating and sexy discussion and demo about Strap-On Sex and Anal Sex. You will learn the power behind strappin it on, how to prepare your “bottom”, how to get the most out of your Strap-On, the different ways to use your Strap-On, what works with what and lots of other how to’s. If you have one, please bring it, wear it, and be ready to share it! If you have one and are not quite sure what to do with it, this class is for YOU! This class is relevant  to all genders!


I like to use the words “extreme sensations” when discussing male genital play. There is rarely actual torture involved unless the person I am playing with is a VERY heavy bottom. Yes, there can be “pain” but is pain applied within an erotic context REALLY pain?

pup Ashtray is a professional writer/photographer based in Studio City, and a promotor/ social media strategist for the Bullet Bar in North Hollywood. He also commonly bartender for the Tom Of Finland Foundation.

In 2014, He won Mr. Bullet Leather and Southern California Leather Boy, and competed abroad, claiming 1st runner up International Leather Boy 2014 at ILSB in Dallas. In 2015, he claimed his third title as Mr. West Coast Olympus Leather in San Diego. He loves to spend his spare time writing music, creating stunning video ads, and loves raising money for noble charities such as AIDS Lifecycle or St Jude’s Research Hospital.

During his time as a titleholder he became known as a strong advocate for the pup community, seen as an alpha to most pups and a major player in the expansion and inclusion of the LA Pup Community. In 2015, at Up Your Alley festival, he was pinned ‘Mamas Alpha Bator’ by Mama Sandy Reinhardt for his charitable work with the leather community.

He loves teaching classes on pup play, and created a syllabus for an interactive puppy 101 class he taught at the West Coast Olympus Leather 2015 Contest, and at Avatar in Los Angeles.



This is an overview of  ways that the pup community relates to our history, and how it involved from the D/s Leather Bdsm and Fetish scene in Los Angeles. It will be a complete study and examination of the puppy play world and definitely includes some class participation.


This is an interactive group participation class, that  the audience as examples of various types of family/Packs. It has a lot of demo, includes a lot of the handler position, and aims to solve problems while staying positive and fun. It includes positive mental health techniques, neat tricks, communication using hand signals, and positive reinforcement techniques.

slave Jazz, with former lives in the theatre world, the tech industry and as a massage therapist—now lives with her Master and works as the office manager in a law office, specializing in cases involving the adult industry and sexual freedom. Her scene-related writing has been published in Power Exchange Magazine and Kink-e-Zine, as well as on several websites. Jazz is the producer of Sin in the City, a co-founder of the International Person of Leather (InterPOL) Contest, the founder of Las Vegas Leather Women (LVLW), the co-founder of MAsT: Vegas Valley, and a member of many lifestyle-related organizations in Las Vegas and the San Francisco Bay Area. Over the past 18 years, Jazz has served as the producer for SouthWest Olympus Leather, the Education Coordinator for The Shack (Southern Nevada’s first community playspace), has been on the production staff of several large kink events throughout the United States and has taught both privately and publicly (at national leather events) on subjects including relationship dynamics, humiliation play, household organization for slaves, entertaining, massage for kinksters, and maintaining headspace as well as a host of skills and techniques. She maintains a blog at: https://jazzpup.wordpress.com.



Striving for excellence motivates you; striving for perfection is demoralizing.—Harriet Braiker

It seems that many of us who are called towards submission, service, and slavery are by nature perfectionists. Things can get pretty difficult when you pour your heart and soul into meeting your own expectations of perfection on top of meeting the expectations of the one you serve. In this workshop, slave Jazz will cover useful organizational tools and techniques for the service person who wants to get everything “perfect”. We’ll look at household service manuals, tools for those in service to individuals who travel a great deal for business and/or pleasure, techniques and tricks for balancing our careers and service lives, and a plethora of ideas that will tickle the fancy of anyone with a fetish for organization.


A bit tongue in cheek, the title of this workshop, but we’ve all seen it, and perhaps, if we’re honest, most of us who have lived on the bottom end of a long-term authority transferred or power imbalanced relationships can admit we’ve done it at some point in the past. While it’s not so common to throw our Masters over our knee to deliver a stern disciplinary spanking, we generally find other ways to act out when our faith has suffered a beating. Join slave Jazz in an in-depth exploration into those manipulations we attempt in defense of our ego. What are they? How do we identify manipulative behavior when we aren’t even honest with ourselves about it? What are the productive alternatives to such behavior? How can we resurrect the headspace we want to keep? How can we shake ourselves awake, remember what we want, and step back onto that path after we have been hurt?  Together, we’ll learn to find our way out of the mire and back under the boots where we belong.

Sir Pounder is the IPTC International Trainer 2016 and former NW Handler 2016.  He is the Co-Founder of VAC Pack, which exists for the purpose of bridging the gap, removing stigmas, and finding commonality in the communities we love, be it Pup, Fur, Kink, or Leather through education and leadership. Pounder identifies as an Alpha Dog, Handler, and a Sir and has been part of the leather community his entire adult life. He is a Giant Malamute who loves chocolate chip cookies. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his husband and Leatherman, Ryan Baehr.




turbo currently hails from Portland, Oregon and is IPTC International Puppy 2016, Northwest Puppy 2016, and IPC International Best in Show 2015.  They identify as a retired racing greyhound who now protects, educates, and encourages the puppy community.  Turbo is an academic with degrees in history, education, and sociology, and is currently working on their PhD in Urban Studies and Planning examining queer urban subcultures use of space and sense of self.   When not teaching with or about human pups, Turbo enjoys restoring and driving vintage BMWs, riding motorcycles, and being a dog.



Come get a handle on Puppy Play! We will take the basics of human animal role-play by the leash from the perspective of the handler. Topics include handler/pup headspace, safety, toys, treats, as well as answer any questions you have. It doesn’t matter how you identify, everyone is welcome. 18+


So, you have a handle on the leash but are going mutts for more? Pawsome. Come join us as we dig deeper into facilitating and sustaining the puppy/handler headspace. We will also discuss communication, puppy routines, nutrition, & training, approaches to handling, and other handler topics. This is an interactive workshop. It doesn’t matter how you identify, everyone is welcome. Come with your ears perked and ready to learn.

Eric Pride, together with his wife Lady Christie, heads a structured authority-based household in New York. The household celebrated its 10 year anniversary in 2012. The primary focus of the household is integrating healthy power-exchange dynamics into daily life and providing guidance, training, and support for its individuals. Eric enjoys consensual S&M, blogs on different aspects of the lifestyle, and gives presentations on alternative lifestyle relationships, structured authority-based living, S&M, ritual and spirituality.

Eric has presented nationwide at numerous conferences, organizations and events. He is a founding member and an instructor at the Master/slave Development Center, an educational group for Masters and slaves. He is also the founder of NYC Kinky Living (NYCKL) and the producer of the hands-on immersive full-day events EdgePlayKinkWorks, PlaySpace, ROPESCAPEROPESCAPE 2 and Unleashed.  Contact Eric at Eric.Pride@gmail.com.

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Sadomasochism (S&M) is about the pleasure and enjoyment of inflicting or receiving pain and humiliation. In this class we discuss the heavier aspects of consensual S&M and how to experience it safely, including:

  • Safety for tops and bottoms
  • Consent, limits, and boundaries
  • Subspace and topspace
  • Processing and enjoying pain
  • The psychological side of S&M

This class contains a few shorter play scenes to illustrate the discussion.


Even the strongest alternative lifestyle relationships go through periods of distress and turmoil. Every person is different and we may disagree at times. It is human to commit an error or make a wrong decision. Disagreements, misunderstandings and mistakes in our relationships can lead to pressure, contention and conflict.

This presentation provides participants with tools and techniques to handle common lifestyle related issues, and successfully navigate their relationship conflicts, including topics such as emotions, open and poly relationships, jealousy, and relationship contracts.

Master Patricia was born in Southern Arizona and raised by a heard of wild mustangs into her teen years when she was kidnapped by a band of Drag Queens.  This is still evident in how she dresses today. To ward off evil spirits she continues to teach BDSM workshops and various other sexual and erotic classes.   Today she is happy to be presenting at Leather H.E.A.T. and hosting the Port and Cigar social to benefit the title holders travel funds.

Master Patricia is the current Owner of MAsT – Tucson (Master And slaves Together), 2012 she became the curator of the Leather Quilt (west).  She is also the Producer of the Southwest Person of Leather, held in Tucson, AZ at Behind Closed Doors.   Master Patricia has been a Butchmann’s Instructor since 2007; currently she is the Executive Director of Butchmanns Experience.  She has a passion for power sensitive relationships based on trust, defined by respect and commitment to act with accountability for one’s actions and desire for mutual growth.  DesertFetishDiva@gmail.com



This is an exploratory look into Mastery and the personal growth in discovering self-Mastery.  What do people mean by “Doing the Work” or “Doing the heavy lifting”?  Master Patricia has taken deliberate experiences on her journey of Mastery and is sharing her story.  This presentation is her interpretation of: motivations, values, connections, commutations and gratitude.  Looking at your own personal yard stick to and taking personal inventory of where we are in life and where you are on the Mastery journey.  This presentation is geared towards Masters and those interested in the Master roll.


Master Patricia, will share her expe­­­­­­­­rience in the practice of self-compassion, how it became a tool to grow closer and create a way for deeper transparence in the Master/slave dynamic.  Discovered the difference between self-esteem and self-compassion and why both are necessary for emotional balance.  Through the practice of self-compassion she found emotional resilience and how to become aware of projection and why it happens.  Self-compassion has been key in embracing each moment.

Sir Justin has been actively involved in the pup and Trainer community for nearly a decade.   After serving his community in both the IML circuit and the ILSb circuit, he completed his title quest as International Pup and Trainer Contest’s 2014 International Trainer.  Since earning that title, he has taught, judged, and lectured in 27 states and 7 foreign countries.

Sir Justin currently serves on the board of several community organizations, including Team Friendly Chicago and the International Pup and Trainer contest, where he also serves as Producer.  One of his proudest achievements is his book, BARK!, which chronicles his work and his thoughts regarding the modern American puppy.

While most of his recent achievements center around his involvement with the puppy community, Sir Justin still considers himself a traditional leatherman, having been involved in the Chicago community for nearly 20 years.  He maintains a passion for traditional protocol/leather history, and he believes in education as the primary means to bridge conflicting points of view.


After an interactive discussion regarding power exchange and obedience, volunteers will be given the opportunity to explore some hands-on techniques in training the human pup.


This class takes a look at the history of puppy and where this phenomenon fits into the greater kink culture.  We will spend some time exploring the different ways that pups and Handlers interact, and give some advice on how to approach the kink as someone who isn’t quite involved.


October 2017